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ConvertXtoHD: Quick start guide - basic conversion                                                      

If you're not an advanced user and/or simply want to convert a video (or more) to High Definition without any editing, then simply:

1) Insert your files into software (drag and drop or use the green cross button to browse your file(s).)
1b) Optional: if you click on the titleset, the preview window will show on the right: you can chek the video by clicking on the "play" icon in the middle of the screen. The tabs under this preview lead to most available editing options. More about these options below under 'Editing Tabs under the preview window'

2) Insert a blank Blu-ray disk if you wish to burn your conversion straight to Blu-ray

3) Press "Convert".
You're all set!

Now, to make the most of the software and to customize your video to your exact needs, you can go deeper and edit your file(s) in a simple way.
For an overview of all available options, check out the guides below:


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Basics Editing tabs under the preview window Other quick links
*Any changes made here will affect the titleset selected in the treeview, showing in the preview window.  

If you want change settings that will apply to all your titlesets and/or all your future conversions in ConvertXtoHD you should make these in the General Settings, in the top menu of ConvertXtoHD.