Our Open Source Partners

This page is our way of saying THANK YOU to the Open Source Community. Thanks to all of the volunteers who contributed to the software listed here. Thanks to all of the visionaries who started the projects listed here. And thanks to all of the Open Source advocates who continuously encourage the growth and advancement of the Open Source Movement.

Package Organization Description License
Delphi-jedi Delphi-jedi Delphi library Mozilla Public License ("MPL") version 1.1
DsPack DsPack set of Components Mozilla Public License ("MPL") version 1.1.
FFmpeg FFmpeg Video Converter API GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) version 2.1
svn Get FFmpeg source
Bug Tracker Mantis Bugtracking system GNU General Public License (GPL)
phpBB phpBB Group Bulletin board system. GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE
Subversion Open Source Community Project file repository manager. Apache License
Virtual treeview Virtual treeview Delphi library GNU Lesser General Public License ("LGPL")

Graphics attribution (DVD menus)

Graphics Used are © FreeVectors.com @ truemitra
Eskipaper: TV Wallpaper
Designed by Freepik: 
wavy christmas background with snowflakes
colorful fireworks
crystal frame
crystal frame
grey wall frame
art stroke frames
cute easter bunnies